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Take the Road Less Traveled…But remember your passport

Forget Passport is the #1 Nightmare Travel Mistake for international travels.

Each trip you take to a different region of the world brings a new, fresh look at life and living each day to the fullest. Every place has different people, food, shopping, and whatever you can imagine and more. Venture to new territory to take in the experiences of other cultures, and learn a bit more about yourself by adapting the lifestyles of others, and practice the kindness of those waiting to greet you at the next stop on down the road.

On the flip side, travel nearly always comes with those new experiences that surprise you but not the fun kind of surprise. No, passport issues are not beautiful mistakes, they’re just a pain, no if, and or buts. 

 Prepared for the worst and hoping for the best: A great state of mind. It doesn’t hurt to be aware of a few common trip-ups that everyone can avoid to prevent total meltdown along The Golden Road.

It’s Time For Time Away

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Below are some of the main accidental pains all first time international travels continue to be a victim of trip after trip, but it doesn’t stop them from seeing the world, so don’t get scared. It’s not the end of existence if you too think you’ve ruined everyone’s trip because you forgot your passport at home 5 minutes from the airport, it happens to the best of the best. Do you see them giving up their airplane seat? I don’t think so, but sometimes they do, yes.

Why You Should Use A Travel Agent this Summer

Below are some common passport oopsy-daisies that may stop a travel aficionado in her tracks.       

These can be avoided.

  1. Not checking the expiration date
    While this seems obvious, it’s also easily overlooked. Ensure your expiration date is far enough in the future, because some countries won’t accept passports that will expire in six months!
  2. Waiting too long to apply
    While expedited shipping is available, it still takes $60 more and three weeks.
  3. Not correctly filling out the form
    Luckily the correction process is free for typo’s made to your passport.
  4. Not updating your name after a change
    Passports don’t automatically update, so when a name change occurs you’ll have to go through the renewal process.
  5. Having too many stamps
    Who would of thunk it? Some countries have a requirement for the amount of blank pages that travelers have in their books.

Did you know?
The amenities available for a customized luxury vacation are endless. An experienced travel advisor (or “agent”) like Angela research multiple vendors, working directly with a business sales associate to organize your trip and get you the best deal for your dollar.

Must-Have List Before You Fly

No more travel toothbrush in a case!
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Checkout more “must-have” items for flying on the travel blog post. 

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Deciding When It’s Safe to Travel Again

We’ve all grown tired of getting lost in the landscape of a great novel set somewhere in the jungle in some far away fictional tropical island with bottomless martinis and zero humidity afternoons. Now we actually want to feel that heat and get out to explore. The fun of dreaming will never be replaced with the real experience, filling each day of vacation with as many activities as possible, living it up like we wish we could 365 days a year. But has it become safe enough to vacation in places around the world and/or the traditional summer beach hotspots on the U.S. coasts? It’s probably safe to say vacations will be taken by many a traveler this year, and many aren’t thinking twice, no matter the risk to themself or others. When it comes to someone’s personal health status and COVID-19, those refusing to get vaccinated should seriously consider speaking with their medical doctor about vaccine facts, especially if they’ve already bought tickets for that Jamaican cruise in July.

To help travelers decide if it’s safe enough to travel to certain areas, it’s a no brainer that a travel agent like Angela would be the person to ask. But in the meantime, take a few minutes to read this post so you’re prepared with knowledge necessary to ensure your vacation this year is safe and fun!

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