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FAQ on Independent Travel Agents | Commission Details and Career Benefits

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Don’t miss out on all the travel deals currently available for purchase. Book a trip to Hawaii, Orlando, Italy, or France. Or get travel deals and discounts like discounted airfare, luxury cruise deals, and luxury hotel price specials from around the world. Book A Trip Today without a Travel Agent. Interested in Customized Vacations? Go HERE To Contact Angela Directly.

FAQ: Independent Travel Agents

FAQ: Independent Travel Agents

  • Is It Cheaper For People To Book Through A Travel Agent?

    Depending on your specific booking agreement, it will NOT cost more to use a travel agent when booking a trip (“Want To Save Money in 2021?”) Looking for a more customized vacation experience that includes whatever amenities you request, transportation planning/scheduling/booking, daily itinerary planned, or a private yacht for a special celebration getaway? Those are just a few examples of the VIP treatment included in a Customized Vacation. Contact Angela F Johnson Today To See if A Customized Vacation is right for you.

  • How Do You Become an Independent Travel Agent?

    To become an independent travel agent, your first step is to Enroll Now and start obtaining all the benefits and resources needed for marketing and promotion. There are no licenses required depending on the type of travel agent and state you wish to enroll in. By teaming up with a business partner with incentive for both parties, and after an adequate amount of time training (personal or in a classroom, lesson plan provided by third party), you’ll be thankful to have access to a multitude of analytics tools, resources, insider travel information, exclusive rates, and benefits. It beats going at it totally alone.

  • Do Travel Agents Travel for Free?

    Most of the time, no, travel agents/advisors do not travel for free, even though they have the ability to keep the commission earned from booking a trip. (read more here then head on over and Enroll to Become A Travel Agent. More Questions? Feel free to contact Angela F Johnson HERE. She’ll be more than happy to help with your travel inquiries.

  • Is It Worth It To Use An Independent Travel Agent?

    You bet ya! Not only will your dollar go further, your dollar will go towards lodging, travel/tickets, and excursions that are often discounted for the travel agents, and the travel agent will pass on the discount to the customer. Travel Agents have access to insider deals and discounts and competitive rates that aren’t typically available to retail shoppers. AFJ Premier Travel Concierge Offers Vacation Packages and Travel Discounts, proof that going through a travel agent won’t cost you more but save you more.

  • Do People Even Use Travel Agents Since Anyone Can Just Book Reservations Online?

    Yes! People still utilize travel agents and agencies. Approximately 50% of yearly bookings are through travel agents. Planning a trip takes time and resources. Booking with/through a travel agent hands off the research, getting quotes, finding the best hotel or cheapest flight, and travel agents work with the vendors directly, ensuring you aren’t getting tricked or defrauded by a phony call or faceless website. When it comes to customized vacations booked directly through Angela F Johnson of AFJ Premier Travel Concierge, she will guarantee all amenities are perfect; for example, she’ll plan ahead and ensure your hotel is located within walking distance (or eyeshot) of the beach you plan on visiting most, or within walking distance to the golf course she has scheduled you to play. When it comes to customized vacations, Angela F Johnson will be your advisor before, during, and after your trip. One of the more important aspects of a  travel agent’s responsibility is to have everything ready and planned before a guests arrival at your destination, organize transportation while there, and always have backup plans in place for any emergency. Doesn’t it sound like a relief you don’t have to worry about all these things when you go through a travel advisor like AFJ Premier Travel Concierge?

  • Is Now A Good Time To Become A Travel Agent? (Summer, 2021)

    Now is a great time to be a travel advisor! Travel is coming back, and people, especially those born in America, will never stop traveling

No matter the destination, commission is included in the price.

You, your friends and your family never pay more for a trip. PLUS, you earn the commission when you become an independent travel agent.



If you book direct, the vendor (airline, hotel, cruise) keeps the commission.

Booking a trip as a travel agent

Travel Agent

If you book through a travel agent, he or she earns the commission.

Booking Trip As A travel Agent - On Site

Travel Site

If you book through a travel site, they make the commission.

Commissions from vendors range from 14% to 28%, and occasionally even more.

You will earn 70% to 80% of your commissions after after you begin your new career as a travel advisor (independent travel agent), with no sales quota or prior qualifications required.

Learn the responsibilities of a travel agent and grow into a knowledgable advisor by joining on-demand, comprehensive courses and the basics for new independent travel agents selling travel and earning commissions when you join.

Earn Commission While Booking Travel >

When You Become An Independent Travel Agent, you can:

  • Create a new, self-employed career (or simply work part-time) from the comfort of your home
  • Travel around the world
  • Plan trips for family and friends
  • Connect with fellow advisors and work directly with Angela F Johnson at AFJ Premier Travel Concierge

Start building your earning power today!

Go Register Today! If you have any questions or would like additional, direct support, please do not hesitate to contact Angela HERE. She’ll be happy to assist with registration to become a travel agent or provide help with customizing your trip.

You’ll be directed to a registration page through Planet Marketing.

To learn even more about becoming an independent travel agent, please visit “How It Works,” HERE.

Once you become an independent travel agent, you’ll gain access to:

  • Exclusive Offers not available to people non-travel agents
  • Inside Travel Knowledge (Know the best hotspots and more)
  • Total Customer Service Support
  • Competitive Travel Rates

If you have a job that allows you to work from home full-time or part-time, it is not intended to be stressful; rather, it is intended to be rewarding. There are no quotas to fulfill or courses to complete in order to be eligible for this job. When you join as a travel adviser, you will have the opportunity to learn about the travel business, network with other experts, and discover new destinations to visit.

Contact Angela F Johnson at AFJ Premier Travel Concierge Today. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Travel Updates and New Travel Discounts HERE and Follow AFJ Premier Travel Concierge on Facebook!


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